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Welcome to Codefaster, an Online Community Made For Developers By Developers

Hey there! First of all, Thank you for taking the time to know about this community.

We're happy to introduce you to Codefaster, an online community Made For Developers By Developers. Here, you can ask questions related to programming or share your programming knowledge with other programmers without any hassle. Now you might have a question What is the need for a new programmers community when there are dozens. The answer to your question is simple. We want to make your programming effort simple.

As a developer, we know how important time is. During development, most of our time mainly goes to searching the code syntax references or finding the solutions to the bugs we're facing. We want to make this process easier.

Even though there are so many ways to find solutions for our coding problems, none of them is straightforward and quick. For example, if we have any queries regarding coding, what do we usually do? We Google it and click on any of the links present in the search results. We get solutions to our problem most of the time too. But the problem here is, it takes some time. Because sometimes we might need to visit multiple websites even just for getting a solution to a simple question or issue.

We've some ideas to solve those problems. In the coming days, we'll gradually ship those features. If you're already registered, you'll get notified once those features went live. Every big idea needs to start from something small. So as a starting point, we've developed a Question & Answer system and Articles as base features. Since we're at the beginning stage, there might be some bugs, so please pardon us in advance :-)

So without any further ado, let's take a little sneak peek into what you can do and expect from the Codefaster community. Please note that you must be a registered user to perform any of the below operations. To signup for an account, please go to this link.

1. To Ask a Question

Are you stuck somewhere in code or need any advice?

If so, you can ask it here. Asking questions in Codefaster is easy as 1,2,3. Just go to the Ask Question page,

Enter your question in the title field, additional input in the description field (Not mandatory) and choose a category and finally click on Submit. That's it. The developers who have knowledge related to the question you asked will get notified so that you'll get your question answered quickly.

2. To Answer the Questions

Would you like to answer the questions asked by other developers? It's easy. All you have to do is visit the question page you would like to answer, click on the "Click to answer" box, and write your answer. Once you finish writing, click on submit. That's it!


3. To Write Article

Do you have anything to share with developer communities? Whether it be sharing your expertise or your thoughts on certain things, you can do so on the Write Article Page.


On that page, enter the title and content of the article, followed by selecting a category, and finally, Click "Submit" to make your content visible to the world!

Above all are the main features which we currently implemented. As we said before, we're working harder to ship some useful features which you'll see soon in the coming days.

Huge thanks for taking the time to read till the end.

Happy Coding.